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SOBER LIFE - Alcohol Monitoring


***General Assembly News***

Our Mission: Become the Best Option for Pretrial Release in the Commonwealth Of Virginia.

With hundreds of bail agents serving Virginians today, it is crucial to have a strong association in full force and effect that works to preserve, protect, and promote the constitutional rights of Americans to utilize the services of a commercial bail agent in Virginia.

We are proud to welcome you into our family of Virginia Bail Agents, serving and supporting the citizens of Virginia and our community at large.  As an association, we are dedicated to ensuring that our members receive the benefit of legislative representation, influence over quality continuing education and a progressive leadership team to preserve and protect our constitutional right to Bail for future generations.

  We believe commercial Bail Agents play a critical role in Virginia's justice system, working with alleged offenders and their families during the "pretrial period" providing education and supervision, access to the Constitutional Right to Bail, the presumption of innocence and the public safety of Virginia communities. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of service for our clients and their families, Virginia law enforcement officers and our Justice system.

The Virginia Bail Agent Association has a robust resource center engaging offenders in pretrial monitoring services. Our programs are offender funded, designed to insure accountability and effect behavioral change.

As much as 80% percent of our clients have charges that are somehow alcohol related. Our alcohol monitoring program offers offenders a path to sobriety by utilizing our R.A.D.A.R. device, a handheld alcohol monitoring device that utilizes the latest cutting edge technology. We also offer the MEMS 3000 device, GPS monitoring programs and addiction counseling through Celebrate Recovery.

Easy links to the Bureau of Insurance, Continuing Education, DCJS, Virginia Courts, Regional and County Jails, Bail Bond Laws that protect our industry and our profession.


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By becoming a member you are demonstrating your commitment to preserve, promote and protect our valued industry. Your participation is critical to our preservation and to our future success in making Bail a robust and vibrant industry in Virginia.

 We will become the "Preferred Pretrial Solution" for Prosecutors and Judges in the Commonwealth of Virginia and provide a model for Bail Associations  across the United Staes of America.

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